19Aug 2016
Glutinous rice candied lotus root

The perfect combination of lotus and glutinous rice, seductive and stomach. Ingredients:lotus root,glutinous rice,red dates,brown sugar,sugar candy Directions: Wash glutinous rice clear,soaked with water for half a day Peel and wash a segment fresh lotus root,cut at the end of the lotus about 3cm,drain the soaked glutinous rice and fill in every lotus hole,cover the […]

11Aug 2016
Glutinous Rice steamed Dumplings

Actually,I didn’t cook for too long,and nearly do cook in my home before.I have been eating in unit cafeteria as worked for several years,sometimes I want to cook for myself but no condition.After the marriage I began to start the cook, also just six months.So for cooking,I just explore and practice.Many things are the first […]

10Aug 2016
Black seasame cookies

A cup of tea,a good book,sunshine is brilliant,cookies are fragrant… Ingredients:low powder,sugar,salt,oil,water,black sesame Directions: Prepare clear container,stir sugar,salt and oil to make it mixed evenly Shift low powder,add sugar salt oil solution and black sesame,mix evenly with wooden shovel into coarse granular,add water knead into dough Put dough on the board,knead with hands,rub into cylindrical […]

02Aug 2016
Decocted Dishes Series decocted Oil Tofu

I don’t know how to define this kind of bean products,so I named it oil tofu.I saw it in the tofu store in the food market,it just been made and braved the steam.I watched for a long time and bought some curiously because I can’t imagine how they taste when cooked.I decocted them with potatoes […]

27Jul 2016
Sesame Paste Flower Rolls

I Steamed a pot of sesame paste mandarin rolls,small and lovely,soft and beautiful. Ingredients:flour,yeast,sesame paste,salt, baking soda Directions: Yeast soluble in 30 degrees warm water to activate,then pour into flour and roll it in a ball with chopsticks,covered with perservative film,proof in a warm place Take a bowl,add two spoons of sesame(add a little water if it […]

25Jul 2016
Noodle's Good Partner —fried Vegetarian Mushroom Bean Paste

Fried some mushroom paste and eat with noodles,that is delicious.Mushroom paste, why can’t we see mushroom pellet,owing to cut too small~~ Ingredients:soy bean paste,mushroom,pointed pepper,chili paste Directions: Wash and cut mushroom and pointed peppers into small cubes Oil in the pan,fried mushroom and peppers well,put soy sauce paste and slowly fried in low fire Add […]

21Jul 2016
Braised Lotus Pills

It is the season eating lotus root,sliced diced fried or salad are common way to eat,this time I made some lotus pills with round head and porcellaneous,attractive colour and lustre which evoked an appetite~~ Ingredients:lotus root,mushroom,agaric,rape,flour,salt,dark soy sauce,sugar,starch Directions: Wash and remove the peel of the fresh lotus roots,grate into small pieces and then chopped […]

20Jul 2016
Decocted Dishes Series decocted Long Beans

Decocted dishes is really a standing dish im my native home,I don’t know any other place,but it is a authentic folk food in the Zhangjiakou area.The decocted dish specializes in stewing,cooking time is longer,taste soft rotten,mild and non-greasy,it belongs to standing dish that could not be a dining dish,but suits for the old people.The form […]

12Jul 2016

This is the first time I bake biscuits.I made this because there is only a heart shaped mould in the house.I have no experience for the first trail that all with exploration.The baked biscuits is extremely crispy.There is a saying goes that a touch on the broken, a smell on the drunk……As the young lady, […]

10Jul 2016
Asparagus Lettuce fried Pleurotus nebrodensis

The pleurotus nebrodensis is spotlessly white and fleshy,tastes tender and delicious,which looks a little like ganodorma lucidum.And it is a kind of food that has high edible and medicinal value.Served with asparagus lettuce fried together,really suitable! Ingredients: pleurotus nebrodensis,asparagus lettuce,dark soy sauce,ginger,salt,sugar Directions: Wash and slice fresh pleurotus nebrodensis,blanch and drain in the boiling water,then […]